The Griffiths Report March Club Day 2014

A bright and sunny Saturday unfolded as Oakleigh members prepared for the last day/night Club Day until later in the year when Daylight Savings starts again. The Feb Club Day seems yonks ago with all the action of the VKS round and the Victorian Open having happened in between; a return to Club Day racing seemed almost relaxing.

Sportsman Restricted Light

20140329SRL127Jimmy Baker and James Westaway the front row in Heat 1 and Westaway away best followed by Edward Moreno through from 4th, then Baker, then Stan Goryachev, Travis Bird slicing through from way back and Justin Carless. Westaway went further away as Moreno and Baker boxed on, eventually touching and dropping back, allowing Carless through to 2nd while Bird was 3rd. with 3 to go Westaway looked to have it in the bag, a handy lead from Carless and Bird, and that’s the way they finished.

Anthony Westaway and Blair Brydon the front row for Heat 2 Continue reading

2014 Jurgens Caravans Victorian Open – Sunday

All the Finals action happened today at Oakleigh – winners, losers; lucky and unlucky, as they raced for the blue ice cream lids, but by the fist pumps and celebrations as they crossed the line, there were a few happy souls tonight after taking one home.

As any club that hosts a State or National Title knows, there is an enormous amount of work that goes in beforehand to get a meeting like this up, as well as during the event to keep competitors happy and things running smoothly, then afterwards there is the clean up and post mortem. Congratulations should go to Oakleigh President Adam Bourke and the Committee for the work they put in to make this a great state titles.

Enough of that – now on to the racing:

X30 Heavy

Hindle to the lead and a gap, Nelson 2nd then Aitken and Barbera. It took until Lap 13 for Nelson to catch and pass Hindle into the Dipper, then pull gradually away for the win. Aitken 3rd ahead of Mayes after Barbera and Aitken tangled earlier in the race and Barbera dropped back.

X30 Light

A frantic start and by Lap 4 they had settled into a sort of X30 train: James Sera, Dave Sera, Nicolaou, Carless, Soutar, Reynolds, Slits, Rowe all carriages in the train as they wound around the twisty Oakleigh circuit. By halfway Continue reading

2014 Jurgens Caravans Victorian Open – Saturday

The second day of racing at the 2014 Jurgens Caravans Victorian Open once again showcased some incredible racing talent. Here is the short report from Saturdays racing.

X30 Heavy

Heat 2: Nelson got ahead of Barbera at the start and while there were a few changes behind them, these two pulled away from Hindle and King, and Nelson went on to win.

Pre Final: Hindle and Nelson drew away and put on a two horse race that Hindle won, a big gap back to Barbera then another gap to Davis.

X30 Light

Heat 2: The James and Dave show out front as Carless dropped back to third, then further back as Nicolaou came through. Dave Sera led most of the race until James squeezed by on the last lap to hold out Dave and take the win.

Pre Final: Dave Sera the early leader and looked like going away but James gradually worked his way up Continue reading

2014 Jurgens Caravans Victorian Open – Friday

Since Tuesday karters from around Australia have been arriving at the Oakleigh circuit for the first big hit out of the year – the 2014 Jurgens Caravans Victorian Open. A trickle of early arrivals on a hot and sunny Tuesday turned into a torrent by the cooler and windier Wednesday, and by Thursday practice was well underway as most of the rest of the entrants arrived. Friday dawned cool and cloudy – perhaps ideal conditions to see more quick times set on the freshly resurfaced Oakleigh track. Junior Top Guns back in January had seen two Lap Records fall in Junior National Light and JMAX when conditions were far from ideal as the temperature reached the mid forties, so what could competitors do with much better conditions today?

Smash lap records like drinks after a day’s racing was what they could do – no less than 8 Oakleigh records were broken, many of them having stood for ten years plus, back to when Oakleigh was one of the first clubs in Australia to offer electronic timing at all meetings. It started with:

X30 Heavy

A weight drop of 5kg for the Heavy Class was an ominous sign for Lap record holder and long time Leopard racer, the recently retired Michael Griffiths, and it didn’t take long for Geelong’s Aaron Hindle to smash the old time of 40.282 with a new record of 39.932. In fact Continue reading

The Bell Report VKS Round 1 2014

OGKRC resident started and author of The Griffiths Report was unavailable for the first round of the VKS 2014, so a fill in had to be found. We looked far and wide, and found…. David Bell. Here is his report of VKS Round 1 2014.

With over 239 entries across 13 classes, the Oakleigh Go Kart Racing Club couldn’t have asked for a better opening round to the 2014 Victorian Karting Series. Perfect weather, venue looking fantastic and a huge turnout of karters from all over Australia. Many interstate competitors using this meeting as a warm up for the Victorian Open Championship the following week-end.


Heat 1 – A big field of Cadets saw the start of the VKS Rd1. Pole man Sawyer had a great start and was away and racing, closely followed by Gower. Continue reading

The Griffiths Report February Club Day 2014

Karters assembled for Oakleigh’s February Club Day – a Saturday Day / Night meeting – that began under cloudy skies on an afternoon that threatened a chance of rain; quite a change from the heatwave we had for Junior Top Guns. Some of the 131 entries were getting ready for the upcoming Victorian Open, others ready to launch their assault on Oakleigh’s 2014 Class Championships. Whatever you were here for, you were looking forward to racing a Club Day for the first time in 2014. We got underway with:


20140222CAD018Braydon Callaghan the fastest qualifier in the first Feature Class today, Joshua Hocking behind him, Kai Upiter then Jai Stephenson. At the green Callaghan away, Upiter, Hocking and then Stephenson, then Luke Swayer, Cooper Allen and Michael Horner; after 4 laps Callaghan had pulled a little clear of Upiter, but Hocking and Stephenson weren’t letting the front 2 get away – these 4 was where the action was. 3 to go and Upiter got under Callaghan at Arrow, Hocking now 3rd – Stephenson now well back in 6th after something happened that I didn’t see. Meanwhile with a lap to go Callaghan back to the lead and now super narrow at MKC to hold Upiter out by 0.052, then Hocking another tenth back – a good race to get things going.

Heat 2 now and Callaghan and Hocking Continue reading