The Griffiths Report Kingston Cup 2015

A sunny Saturday welcomed karters who had made the trek to Oakleigh for the Kingston Cup. Entry numbers were OK, but probably no more than OK, as I think stand alone meetings that aren’t part of some bigger series probably struggle to attract numbers these days. The Pro Tour round in NSW may have also contributed to numbers being a bit thin, but nevertheless, those that had turned up were presented with a magnificent day and the promise of some fun racing. We got underway with qualifying just after 9.00 a.m.

Cadets 9

Matthew Domaschenz quickest Cadet 9 with a 46.584, followed by Will Harper with a 46.985. Domaschenz strolled around in Heat 1 leading Harper with Damon Woods following in 3rd. Continue reading

Kingston Cup 2015

The Kingston Cup is a single day event that will be held on Saturday March 21 2015. If you are racing be sure to download the supplementary regulations for the event.

Don’t forget to bring your clear helmet visors if racing continues into the evening.

  • Entry confirmation: 7:00am – 8:30am
  • Drivers Briefing: 8:45am (to be held on the out grid)
  • Timed Practice: At the completion of Drivers Briefing
  • Racing starts: At the completion of Timed Practice

February 28 2015 Club Day Day/Night Race

The first Club Day for 2015 is on Saturday 28th February (Day/Night). This year we will have a different racing format. All classes will have a qualifying session, 2 x heats and a final. The final results will determine trophies for each Class. The results from both the heats and the final will count towards the club championship. Please see the race entry page for supplementary regulations and timetable.

The Griffiths Report VCM Performance Junior Top Guns 2015 Round 2

Day 2 of Junior Top Guns at Oakleigh for 2015 looks like a carbon copy of Day 1. Weather fine and sunny, tents and marquees flapping lazily in a gentle breeze – all in all a perfect day for racing. After a bit of practice in the morning and early afternoon, pit crews and pilots were making final tweaks and adjustments in readiness for qualifying, and after Driver’s Briefing we were ready to go.

We should also note that yesterday’s aerobatic champ from Cadets 9, Ruby Gibson, was back at the track and ready to race after spectacularly coming out of her kart yesterday following a tangle in Heat 2. Good to see her back and having another go, and a pat on the back for Oakleigh’s Doc, Ian Donaldson who does a great job at all our meetings.

Junior National Light

Declan Fraser again the pole man with a 43.994, beside him Zackery Best, Jacob Dowson and Angelo Mouzouris the second row. Fraser off to a quick start Continue reading

The Griffiths Report VCM Performance Junior Top Guns 2015 Round 1

It’s January, so it must be time to head to Oakleigh for Junior Top Guns, brought to us this year by the very high powered mob at VCM Performance. We all know how much sponsors help run events like this, so our thanks to VCM Performance for supporting the meeting.  For many years now, Top Guns has been the season starter for Juniors from all over Australia, and again this year we welcome visitors from far and wide to race at the track where Champions are bred. After years of Top Guns delivering meteorological extremes, we have a very sunny and pleasant Friday afternoon, around 25 degrees and a gentle breeze – a big change from last year’s 44 degrees or a couple of years earlier when the track was under metres of water and we had to postpone everything for a week.

New engines, new rules, new lots of things to get used to this year – it’s always the way at Junior Top Guns. Nevertheless, once the gate opened for qualifying it was business as usual and we looked forward to some good racing.

Junior National Light

Heat 1 and Declan Fraser off pole and beside him Blake Kolar – and on lap 1 a huge pile up in front of the old canteen Continue reading

2015 VCM Performance Junior Top Guns Practise

The club will open the track for practise for competitors of the VCM Performance Junior Top Gun entrants from Wednesday January 14 2015.

Wednesday January 14 2015 – 9 am to 10:30 pm

  • 9 am – 6 pm Free practise
  • 6 pm – 10:30 pm Controlled practise (by class)
  • 6 pm – 8 pm entry confirmation
  • 6 pm   BBQ Dinner

Please note. Only those competing in the VCM Performance Junior Top Guns are able to participate at this practise day.

Thursday January 15 2015 – 9 am to 6 pm
Free Practise – (Track open as normal – Juniors & Seniors welcome)

Friday January 16 2015 – 10 am to 2 pm
Official Practise – VCM Performance Junior Top Guns competitors only (No Seniors)

Saturday January 17 2015 – 10 am  – 2 pm
Official Practise – VCM Performance Junior Top Guns competitors only (No Seniors)

Front Gate Being Forced

To all members and NON members. It has come to our attention that the front gate is being forced open to gain access to the track. This behaviour will not be tolerated.

The person or persons found forcing the front gate open will have their membership cancelled and be asked to leave. If they are NOT an OGKRC member, they will  be excluded from any meetings in 2015 at the Oakleigh Go Kart Racing Club.