2014 AGM Details

The Annual General Meeting of the Oakleigh Go Kart Racing Club was held Tuesday September 16 2014.

The following Members that were elected onto the OGKRC Committee:

  • President – David Bell
  • Vice President – Samantha Sera
  • Secretary – Vern Kranz
  • Treasurer – Steven Bates
  • General Committee – Steve Carless
  • General Committee – Steve Griffin
  • General Committee – Paul Barlow
  • General Committee – Rafe Todd
  • General Committee – Jamie Frencham
  • General Committee – Chris O’Keeffe
  • Membership Secretary – Steve Griffin

The VKA Delegates for this year are:

  • VKA Delegate – Adam Bourke
  • VKA Delegate – Guy Millar

Life Members

Gary Weickhardt and Steve Carless were awarded Life Membership for their many years of valued service to the Club and its Members.

AGM September 16 2014

The Annual General Meeting is to be held this coming Tuesday, September 16 2014 in the club rooms at 7.30pm. All members are requested to attend this meeting.

For those new to the club, the AGM is yearly meeting where committee positions become vacant and a new committee is elected. A committee member needs to be a current member of the club and they may stand for any position on the committee.

There will be snacks and drinks provided. Come along and get to know those that will be managing the club for the next year.

See you there.

Message From Current President Adam Bourke

To all Members,
As this will be my last notice to you all as President of the OGKRC I would like to thank a few people.

Number 1 is John Chapman. He joined the committee around 2002 and has been with me for the whole journey. He has been a committee member, secretary and Vice President. He has been to nearly every working bee, or down cleaning on his own. He is now a Steward on club days. He is also standing down from the committee. I would like to thank John for all his efforts and also as a true friend I have made in karting along with so many others.

To Steve Carless who is also standing down but has put in a big effort over the short time he has been on the committee and at the club.

To the committees I have worked with over the years, Continue reading

Gate FOB Keys

Recent problems with the gate fob key system have been rectified. Existing fob keys are void and will no longer allow you access to the track.

You can now exchange your existing fob key at the following kart shops

  • Concept Karting
  • James Sera Karting Centre
  • Melbourne Kart Centre
  • Tony Kart Australia (Baron)

NOTE: The Kart shops will only give you a new fob key if you give them back your old one.

If you do not have your old fob key please contact Steve Griffin 0407 820 815 (after hours only) or via email licencesecretary@ogkrc.com.au

You will also be able to exchange your old fob key at September Club Day during Entry Confirmation.

We have a limited number of new fob keys at the moment, but more will be available soon.

Karting Australia Reshaping Of Karting Q&A

The Karting Australia Whole Of Sport Review document has left many competitors wanting clarification of the numerous changes that may occur in the near future.

After receiving input from it’s members, the VKA has written to Karting Australia asking for clarification on various points.This document is available to download here.

The following is a release from Karting Australia dated 2/9/2014. It contains 3 documents of Q&A’s.


Since we released the Whole of Sport Review of karting in Australia (WOSR) on 15 August, a number of questions have been posed and issues raised. Some have come to us from our member State Associations, some from our competitors and officials through traditional channels of communication, some through social media.

For the benefit of those who have legitimately sought to raise matters that are of concern to them as members of Karting Australia we will endeavor to provide clarification of the most frequently raised questions and issues. We look forward to further discussions with and comments from our State and Territory Associations.

Many of the answers are actually contained in the report but as it is over 30,000 words long we thought that it may assist our karters if we did a simple Q&A.

It is a big report. It seems that some have indeed taken the time to read it, it is apparent that very many have not and have relied either upon opinion or hearsay or just the Executive Summary. Please take the time to read it.

Part 1 – General
Part 2 – Engines
Part 3 – Competition

August 2014 Club Day This Saturday

Just a reminder that this months club day will be held on Saturday August 30 2014, not on the Sunday as usual.

Pre-entries (now closed) are as follows:

  • Cadets (Pre-entries: 8)
  • Rookies (Pre-entries: 6)
  • Junior National Light (Pre-entries: 7)
  • Junior National Heavy (Pre-entries: 11)
  • Junior Clubman (Pre-entries: 3)
  • Clubman Light (Pre-entries: 4)
  • Clubman Heavy (Pre-entries: 4)
  • Clubman Super Heavy (Pre-entries: 4)
  • Clubman Medium @ 150kg (Pre-entries: 4)
  • Sportsman Restricted Light (Pre-entries: 12)
  • Sportsman Restricted Heavy (Pre-entries: 15)
  • TAG 125 Light (Pre-entries: 9)
  • TAG 125 Heavy (Pre-entries: 7)
  • TAG Over 40’s @170kg (Pre-entries: 7)

Don’t forget, you can still enter on the day.

Important Meeting In Club Rooms This Wednesday

At 6.30 pm this Wednesday August 27 2014, there will be a meeting in the club rooms for the discussion of the proposed rules that may be implemented soon in karting.

We have been asked by the VKA to put forward any questions and ideas for the proposal.

We will not be able to answer all the questions, but hope to find some answers in the near future.

Please make time to attend this important meeting.

August 2014 Club Day To Be Held Saturday 30

Please note, this months club day will be held on Saturday August 30 2014, not on the Sunday as usual.

Another change for this month is the introduction of Clubman Medium @ 150kg.

The feature classes will be Clubman Heavy and Clubman Super Heavy.

Don’t forget to check out the timetable for the day, download the supplementary regulations and pre-enter for the race via the race entry page.