Lap Records

The lap times shown below are the best times officially recorded since the introduction of our current timing system in January 2004.

CadetsSean Larkin46.452Vic Open, March 2014
RookiesJordyn Sinni45.371Vic Open, March 2014
Junior National LightDylan Hollis44.079Vic Open, March 2014
Junior National HeavyRyan Pike44.999Vic Open, March 2014
Junior ClubmanDavid Sera40.962Vic Open, March 2004
JMAXJayden Ojeda40.509Vic Open, March 2014
Clubman LightJames Sera40.846Oakleigh Class Titles, November 2006
Clubman HeavyFranky Costanzo41.865Oakleigh Class Titles, November 2007
Clubman Super HeavyAnthony Lantouris43.068Vic Open, March 2004
Clubman Over 40Adam Bourke42.459Oakleigh Club Titles, October 2004
Sportsman 125 LightMichael Carless40.726OGKRC Class Titles, October 2012
Sportsman 125 HeavyRichard Camilleri41.976Southern City Classic, April 2011
Sportsman 125 Restricted LightJustin Carless42.084Club Day, February 2014
Sportsman 125 Restricted HeavyLuke Grech-Cumbo43.069Club Day, February 2014
Rotax LightAshley Arora40.323Vic Open, March 2004
Rotax HeavyMason Barbera41.184Vic Open, March 2014
Rotax ProLuke Ellery41.259OGKRC October Club Day, 2006
Rotax Over 40Peter Klein41.888Southern City Classic, October 2006
Leopard LightAdam Hughes39.371OGKRC October Club Day, 2006
X30 HeavyAaron Hindle39.932Vic Open, March 2014
Leopard ProDaniel Singh40.298Oakleigh Club Titles, October 2004

The following lap records are for classes not currently being raced.

Senior National LightDaniel Vosti45.638Vic Open, March 2004
Senior National HeavyBrett Arnett46.227Vic Open, March 2004
Senior National ProFranky Costanzo45.702Kingston Cup 2008
Formula Australia LightBD Soutar-Dawson40.832Vic Open, March 2004
Formula 100Trent James39.752Kingston Cup, March 2007