Lap Records

These times are current 29/10/2015

Whilst all care has been taken to ensure these lap records are accurate & correct, should you be aware of any errors or omissions please email

Cadet 9TSESMELIS, Steven0:45.87824/10/2015Club Day
Cadet 12HANSON, Jay0:45.27018/5/2015VKC R3
Junior National LightDOWSON, Jacob0:43.87316/1/2015Top Guns R1
Junior National HeavyDONALD, Cody0:44.18118/5/2015VKC R3
Junior ClubmanHOLLIS, Dylan0:40.80618/5/2015VKC R3
Clubman LightMCLEAN, Matt0:40.79627/9/2015Club Day
Clubman HeavyNICOLAUO, Leigh0:41.64918/5/2015VKC R3
Clubman Super HeavySIMPSON, Scott0:42.8247/3/2014Vic Open
Restricted 125 LightFilikotzias, Lucas0:41.42228/6/2015Club Day
Restricted 125 HeavyPAYNE, Trevor0:42.14828/6/2015Club Day
TAG 125 LightCARLESS, Michael0:40.36218/5/2015VKC R3
TAG 125 HeavyHINDLE, Aaron0:40.89818/5/2015VKC R3
TAG MastersKRANZ, Vern0:41.42831/3/2015Club Day
RookiesLOVE, Aaron0:45.3249/3/2014Vic Open
JMaxOJEDA, Jayden0:40.5097/3/2014Vic Open
Jmax @ 145kgFULLWOOD, Bryce0:41.56217/1/2014Top Guns
Junior PerformanceSMYTHE, Timothy0:41.97129/8/2010Club Day
Sportsman 125 LightCARLESS, Michael0:40.72627/10/2012Class Titles
Sportsman 125 HeavyCAMILLERI, Richard0:41.9769/4/2011Southern City
Leopard LightHUGHES, Adam0:39.371October, 2006Club Day
Leopard HeavyGRIFFITHS, Michael0:40.282October, 2006Club Day
Leopard ProSINGH, Daniel0:40.298October, 2004Class Titles
X30 LightSERA, James0:39.3737/3/2014Vic Open
X30 HeavyHINDLE, Aaron0:39.9327/3/2014Vic Open
Rotax LightARORA, Ashley0:40.323March, 2004Vic Open
Rotax HeavyBARBERA, Mason0:41.1847/3/2014Vic Open
Rotax ProELLERY, Luke41.259October, 2006Club Day
Senior National LightVOSTI, Daniel0:45.638March, 2004Vic Open
Senior National HeavyARNETT, Brett0:46.227March, 2004Kingston Cup
Senior National ProCOSTANZO, Franky0:45.7022008Kingston Cup
Open Performance @160kgREYNOLDS, John0:40.81024/3/2012Club Day
Open PerformanceLINDSTROM, Jorden0:40.24815/10/2011All Stars
Junior National Light C&PKOLAR, Blake0:44.19216/1/2015Top Guns
Junior National Heavy C&PBRADY, Naomi0:45.56017/1/2015Top Guns
Clubman Medium @ 150kgMCLEAN, Matthew0:41.99525/10/2014Class Titles
Clubman Over 35’sMcPHERSON, Ian0:43.50825/7/2010Club Day
Clubman Over 40’sBOURKE, Adam0:42.459October, 2004Class Titles
TAG Over 40’sKRANZ, Vern0:41.37825/10/2014Class Titles
Sportsman Over 40’sSHARP, Geoffrey0:44.16324/9/2011Club Day
Rotax Over 40’sKLEIN, Peter0:41.888October, 2006Southern City
Open PerformanceLINDSTROM, Jorden0:40.24815/10/2011All Stars
Formula 100JAMES, Trent0:39.752March, 2007Class Titles
Formula Australia LightBD Soutar -Dawson0:40.832March, 2004Vic Open