Race Entry

August Club Day – Saturday August 30, 2014 – Pre-entries are open until the Wednesday evening prior to the event. If you don’t pre-enter, you can still enter the event on race day at the club.

NON Club Members must contact the Race Secretary PRIOR to Entering OGKRC Club Days.

Download the Supplementary Regulations for this event.

If you are racing at this event, please take a moment to pre-enter. This helps speed up the entry taking process on race day, allows racing to begin earlier, and assists the canteen helpers plan the food requirements that will be needed.

Only those who pre-enter will be eligible to take part in the tyre draw at the completion of racing.

If you have an enquiries regarding this event, please email racesecretary@ogkrc.com.au

To Pre-enter Race Event

To pre-enter, log on to your driver information via karting.net.au using your ID number and password. Under the My Details function, click Pre Enter Race Meeting.

If you want your licence to be endorsed you must select the endorsement required option from the drop down box.

On Race Day

On race day, bring your license, payment, transponder number and completed scrutineering form to the entry office, whether you have pre-entered or not. We need to confirm your entry details, and collect your race fee payment.

Entry fees

2014 club day entry fee is $45 for the first class entered, and $25 for any additional class entered, per competitor


Trophies will be awarded to all 1st, 2nd and 3rd place getters for all classes that race on the day.


  • The classes listed are the classes that may run on the day. Depending on the number of entries, some classes may be run concurrently.
  • If you do not yet own a transponder, the club will have a very limited amount for hire at $10 for the day
  • If you do not yet own a transponder, do not enter anything under ‘Personal Transponder Number’ when completing your pre-entry
  • You must use a clear visor on your helmet if any section of the race meeting is held under lights
  • No parking of motor vehicles permitted in the designated pit area
  • No smoking or welding allowed in the designated pit area
  • Dumping of fuel is not permitted
  • No animals allowed
  • No riding of scooters or bikes permitted
  • No camping allowed

Timetable Saturday

  • Gate opens 8am
  • Entries taken from 11am – 12.30pm (No late entries will be accepted as this holds up the race meeting)
  • Warm Up Session 9am – 1pm
  • Drivers briefing held on grid at 1.45pm
  • Time trial for feature class(es) begins at completion of drivers briefing
  • Racing starts at the completion of time trial(s)
  • BBQ dinner

Race Order (to be confirmed on race day)

  1. Junior National Light
  2. Sportsman Restricted Heavy
  3. Clubman Medium
  4. TaG Light
  5. Junior Clubman
  6. TaG Heavy
  7. Clubman Light
  8. Sportsman Restricted Light
  9. TaG Over 40
  10. Cadets
  11. Junior National Heavy
  12. Rookies
  13. Clubman Heavy / Clubman Super Heavy (Feature Class)