February Club Day Race Under Lights

The club committee has decided to start the club day racing year with a day / night race meeting. These events are always popular, so when entries open, please help the race secretary by entering online, and early. The race entry fee is $45 per competitor for the first class entered, and $25 for the second or additional classes. Don’t forget to bring your clear visor as these are required when the track lights are illuminated.

Racing is to be held on Saturday February 26, so start practicing now. Please ensure that your racing license and club membership are valid and up to date.

Feature classes on the day will be Clubman O35 and Junior National Heavy. Prize money for the feature classes will be: 1st place $75, 2nd $50, 3rd $25.

The timetable will be as follows

  • Free practice from 9am
  • Entry confirmation & scrutineering 11.30am to 1pm
  • Canteen will open 12pm
  • Drivers briefing 1.45pm
  • Racing at completion of drivers briefing
  • BBQ dinner

The following classes / weights will be offered in February and trophies will be awarded for the first three place getters.

  • Midgets Comer @90 kg Yamaha @100 kg
  • Rookies @105 kg
  • Junior National Light @120 kg
  • Junior National Heavy @140 kg
  • Junior Clubman @140 kg
  • Formula JMA @145 kg
  • Clubman Light @140 kg
  • Clubman Heavy @ 160 kg
  • Clubman Super Heavy @180 kg
  • Clubman Over 35 @160 kg
  • Leopard Light @160 kg
  • Leopard Heavy @ 180 kg
  • Formula Rotax Pro @170 kg
  • Restricted 125 @170 kg
  • Tag 125 Pro @170 kg

3 thoughts on “February Club Day Race Under Lights

  1. Hi there, I have enjoyed the last few events and am about to finally get off my P plates, I am switching from Tag R to clubman superheavy this year as being a 100 kg+ driver there are no other suitable classes. Is a leopard superheavy class possible as in other states or perhaps twin 125. Maybe a version of “open” class where all the kf1, kz2, F100 and twin engine karts go out together, it seems to work at non aka tracks. The sad thing is that the really quick karts and engines get left in the shed when we race at aka meetings.
    Very well organised events at OGKRC. I am looking forward to competing this year, might even go quicker than a junior if I practise enough. Regards Mal Hunt

  2. welcome to super heavy mal! I was contemplating having a year off but if u r joining us (& i know of someone else coming back) then things r looking up. All the supers at oak are a top bunch of blokes & the racing is usually clean and fair & some of us love a beer or 3 at the end of the day. Hope to see u satday. Cheers, Mick Fisher #33

  3. Hi guys, what a fantastic race meeting. Thank you to all the officials, starters, flagwavers stewards etc who make it possible for us to have fun on the track. Clubman superheavy is awesome! Steve and Roger from MKC put in a lot of effort to make sure I had a competitive kart, (all it needed was a good driver). Congrats to John Stanic and Mick Fisher who went out on slicks in the wet and not only stayed on the track but were real quick as well. Super impressive guys, looking forward to the next round. Lets go superheavies, drag your kart out of the shed and get it to the track. See you all next time. Mal Hunt #84

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