Second-hand AMB Transponders For Sale

The club still has some stocks of second-hand AMB transponders for sale.

They can be picked up from:

  • Concept Karting, Factory 9 19-25 Grange Rd, Cheltenham. (03) 9585 5340.

Note, only cheque or cash will be accepted, no credit card or EFTPOS.


  • Second-hand Transponder $100
  • New Chargers $70
  • New Mounting Brackets $15

22 thoughts on “Second-hand AMB Transponders For Sale

  1. Hi,
    Just got back into karting after a couple of years off and now need a transponder. Is it right what I am reading that you have 2nd hand transponders for sale? If so can I send you down some cash in the mail or do a internet transfer of funds as I am here In Wagga Wagga NSW. Also are they all the same and do they all comply nationally.
    Greg Thurston

    • Greg,
      Yes the club does still have a small quantity of second hand transponders for sale.

      One of the kart shops close to the club is assisting the club in selling these. Please contact Concept Karting on 03 9585 5340 for details.

  2. Are there any Transponders left. Are they AMB. Would you ship to the USA ? What number are they 160 260 ?

    • Alan,
      Yes there are some transponders still available. They are AMB 160’s.

      Sorry, but we would not send to the USA.

  3. Are there any transponders left to this date? I will be paying membership very soon and would like to get one also..

  4. I would like to purchase two units if they are still available. Would I be able to manage with only one charger as both my sons are competing in different classes? If so, I would need 2 transponders, 1 charger and two mounting brackets. THanks, I can deposit funds direct to your account if you can advise postage costs.

    • Rick,
      You would likely be fine with one charger. If you find you need another one, you can get that later.

      As noted above, only cash or cheque payments are possible. Please contact the number listed above for further details.

  5. Would you still have any 2nd hand transponders left, I am after a charger as well.

    • Jeremy,
      All transponders have been sold. We do have new chargers and transponder mounting brackets if you need them.

    • Sharon,
      No there are no second hand transponders left. There are plenty of new chargers and retaining brackets though.

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