Southern City Classic

Updated 31/3/2011 – Class list now streamlined due to offering Sportsman

Updated 30/3/2011 – Sportsman 125 Light and Sportsman 125 Heavy added to classes offered.

OGKRC’s annual open event, the Southern City Classic will be held on Saturday April 9. This year some changes have been made to the race format. There will be 1 x 5 minute timed qualifying session, 1 x 15 lap race, followed by 1 x 25 lap final. Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Finishing order of the final determines the winner of each class.

As the racing is being held on the Saturday, this allows us to start racing later in the day (approx 2pm) and complete the racing under lights. If you enjoy long races, and racing under lights, come along and race on Saturday April 9. Please ensure you bring a clear visor as they are compulsory once the track lights are illuminated.

Classes Offered

  • Midgets
  • Rookies
  • Junior National Light
  • Junior National Heavy
  • Junior Max
  • Clubman Pro @150kg
  • Sportsman 125 Restricted @170kg
  • Sportsman 125 Light @160kg
  • Sportsman 125 Heavy @180kg


  • Controlled practice 9.00am to 1.00pm
  • Canteen opens 10.00am
  • Entry confirmation 10.00am to 12.00pm
  • Drivers briefing 1.45pm
  • Racing starts at the completion of drivers briefing

Supp Regs

8 thoughts on “Southern City Classic

  1. I’m sure this will be a great event for anyone 80kg’s or less. All PRO classes. I’m sure most of these guys are getting ready for nationals. Any chance of implementing new “sportsman” class in light & heavy. Combine the TAG, Leopard & Rotax. This would remove one event & maybe give the super heavys ago? Karting for all!

    • Bou,
      Supp regs have been written and approved by VKA, so changes can’t be made now. But, I’m sure the clubs committee will see your comment and give it due consideration for future events.

    • Bou,
      Sportsman Light & Heavy have now been added to the list of classes on offer. 😉

      • Thanks BUT have since organized weekend in Gold Coast because wasnt able to race! DOH! I think you will get better no’s now though.

  2. Will Rotax Pro Class still run, now that Sportsman Light & Heavy have been included?

  3. Hi all, is there any chance that Sportsman Restricted would be split into light and heavy at club day or open events? Also any thoughts on Sportsman Superheavy?
    See you all at the track. Regards Mal Hunt #84.

    • Mal,
      The introduction of the sportsman class and removal of the rotax and leopard classes from club days will take a little time to fine tune. However, if there are sufficient competitor numbers over a period of time, then the committee may look into splitting into various weight groups.

      I am sure the club’s committee will see your post and take it onboard, but even better, come along to next weeks general meeting and ask your question. Then there can be discussion on the matter.

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