OGKRC Drivers At East Coast Over 40’s Titles

Several OGKRC members ventured north to race at the recent East Coast Over 40’s Titles, which were held at the Coffs Harbour Kart Club. They raced hard and came home with numerous trophies. Well done guys. 😉

Full results have been posted on the AKA Results Site.

OGKRC drivers and their podium placings.

  • Sportsman 125 Heavy – 1 Phillip Smith
  • Clubman Light – 2 Mark Appleby, 3 Mark Poole
  • Clubman Super Heavy – 1 Rodney Capuano
  • Clubman Heavy 40-51 – 1 Phillip Smith, 2 Rodney Capuano, 3 Mark Poole

3 thoughts on “OGKRC Drivers At East Coast Over 40’s Titles

  1. well done old men!! But Rod winning supers?? Lap it up sucker ‘cos guess who is turning 40 this year & might just race that event next year?? Might even dust off some old plastics, just for you! 🙂

  2. Bring it on Mic, but also bring some reading glasses as you will struggle to read my number plate as it gets small and smaller as I drive away from you. I might have to race Supers at clubday now, although the competition isn’t great I here.
    Love for you to come next year, but bring your best drinking cap, not that you need any encouragement there. Only 10 Vic. drivers there out of 190, but we won 5 out of 15 1st places. I gave the NSW guys a serve during my speech. We might need security next year.

    • Hey Rod, top job at the ‘Senior Gentlemans Booze n Cruise Classic”. I would love to see you in Superheavies on club day. Just fill your nosecone with concrete, that should sort out the ballast and any problem competitors at the same time. Maybe we should invite some of our pals from the ‘Golden Carnage Series’ to spice things up a bit.
      See you guys on race day,
      Mal Hunt Superheavy #84

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