August 2011 Club Day Pre-entries Now Open

Online pre-entries are now open for the August 2011 club day. This club race event will be held on Sunday August 28. If you are racing at this event, please take a minute to pre-enter. This helps speed up the entry taking process on race day and allows racing to begin earlier.

If you can’t pre-enter, you can still enter and race on the day of the event.

There is now only 3 more club days remaining in the 2011 championship, so come along and race. See how high you can finish in the points this year.

2 thoughts on “August 2011 Club Day Pre-entries Now Open

  1. I was going to pre enter for next week-ends club day and noticed that the TAG restricted weight has been reduced to 160kg from 170kg, just wondering why?
    My main question is in regards to TAG restricted heavy. Do we get enough competitors in this weight category to form up for a race? We all turn up to race in the hope of being competitive, but with a handicap of an extra 20kg (min) it makes for a frustrating time for both light and heavy guys. Look forward to your reply. Yours in karting RRR

    • Robbie,
      Sportsman 125 Restricted will be raced at 170kg as normal. I will alert the race secretary of this typo. Thank you for letting us know.

      The club chose to run this combined weight class in 2011, but if there are sufficient numbers in 2012 to run Sportsman 125 Restricted Light and Heavy, I’m sure the committee will review it.

      If possible, come along to the next general meeting and you can bring up this topic for discussion. If enough others club members share your view, it can likely happen.

      Hope to see you racing on club day. 😉

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