Results 2011 Junior Sprint Classic

Results of the 2011 Junior Sprint Classic held at Eastern Lions Kart Club, VIC.

Full results have been posted on the AKA Results Site.

  • Midgets A – Jordan Caruso, Benito Montalbano, Alec Morse, Cooper Murray, Cody Brewczynski
  • Junior National Pro – Justin Ford, Braydon North, Morgan Jakobovski, Nicholas Rowe, Wade McLean
  • Rookies A – Thomas Prascevic, Jordan Rae, Luke Guillou, Thomas Hughes, Jayden Qjeda
  • Junior National Light C&D – Jay Morrison, Robert Titherington, Brayden Flood, Mitchell Mackay, Jake Coghill
  • Junior National Heavy – Anton de Pasquale, Jayden Wallis, Dale Cornfoot, Damon Strongman, Matthew McLellan
  • Rookies B – Elijah D’Cruz, Kyle Cornfoot, Jordan Lewis
  • Junior National Light – Jordan Boys, Liam McLellan, Chelsea Angelo, Wade McLean, Justin Black
  • Junior National Heavy C&D – Zac Soutar, Adrian Stratford, Leonardo Lo Bianco, Luke Capozza, Ryan Blakis
  • Junior Max – Jordan Boys, Thomas Randle, Mitch Wilson, Liam McLellan, Blaine Densley
  • Midgets B – George Gower, Sean Larkin, Connor Callanan, Justin Dixon
  • Junior Clubman – Luke Marquis, James Hughes, Kyle Rethus, Anton de Pasquale, Nicolas Rowe
  • Junior Clubman Champion Of Champions – Luke Marquis, Jake Klien, Kyle Rethus, James Hughes, Jake Coleman

1 thought on “Results 2011 Junior Sprint Classic

  1. Congratulations to all the competitors and pit crews who so stubbornly fought out the event and the amazingly frustrating weather. I have never seen a track go from monsoon wet to full dry for the next race. One of our Oakleigh drivers who had a very tough weekend was JNH #25 Dylan Slits. Unfortunately Dylan had a serious crash and departed in an ambulance with a broken arm, leaving behind a written off kart and a destroyed suit. I am told the surgeons have bolted his arm back together, but they don’t fix karts. If anyone would like to help in some way, anonymously if preferred maybe ring Steve at MKC and let’s see what we can do to get Boof back on the track.
    Regards Mal Hunt Superheavy #84

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