Results September 2011 Club Day Races

Bruce McLean BBQ Chef & Winner Of Clubman Over 35

Results of the September 2011 Club Day Races held at Oakleigh Go Kart Racing Club, VIC.

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  • Rookies – Jack Bell, Nicholas Sims, Lucas Filikotzias
  • Clubman Light – Ashley Arora, John Reynolds, Michael Nichols
  • Sportsman 125 Restricted – Luke Medley, Bradley Carless, Ben Freeman
  • Sportsman 125 Restricted P – Adreos Kazakos, Wayne Morgan, Alex Stumpf
  • Junior National Light – Matthew McLean, Ashton Andaloro, Christian Morina
  • Sportsman 125 Heavy – Richard Camilleri, Jordan Cullis, Andrew Yuill
  • Sportsman 125 Light – Micheal Carless, Joshua King, Timothy Edwards
  • Clubman Heavy – Christopher Thomas, Chad Lidsey, Brude De Carvallo
  • Clubman Over 35 – Bruce McLean, Geoffrey Sharp, Lachlan Citrine
  • Clubman Super Heavy – Mick Fisher, Steve Polak, David Gibcus
  • Midgets – Jai Sparey, Blake Kolar, George Gower
  • Junior National Heavy – Edward Brown, Matthew Lane, Corey Paterson
  • Formula JMA – Jake Dixon, Jordan Holowell, Thomas Mayer

9 thoughts on “Results September 2011 Club Day Races

  1. Hi,

    I raced for the first time at the sept club day. Completed 2/3 races, still no endorsement on my licence!

    How can i get my licence endorsed?


    • Alan,
      and to all people who asked for endorsements, I have been on to the VKA Secretary today and all endorsements should have been through this afternoon.

      • Adam,

        Have checked my license on the AKA website and there is still no endorsement there!!

        Please advise!

        • Alan,
          You will get your answer faster by contacting the race secretary about these matters. The race secretaries contact details are on the contacts page of this website. 🙂

          • Adam,

            I have sent an email to the race secretary (Michelle Carless?) with no reply. I still have no endorsement for racing on my licence for the sept club day!

            Could you please investigate? I am not sure where else to go after I have already sent the email.



          • Alan,
            I have forwarded your question to the Race Secretary. She is the only person who can help with your question.

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