Results October 2011 Class Titles

Results of the October 2011 Club Day Races held at Oakleigh Go Kart Racing Club, VIC.

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  • Rookies – Luke Guillou, Nicholas Sims, Lucas Filikotzias
  • Clubman Light – Adam Hughes, Ashley Arora, Thomas Martin
  • Sportsman 125 Restricted – Luke Medley, Steven Griffin, Alex Stumpf
  • Junior National Light – Todd Sparey, Justin Francis, Christian Morina
  • Clubman Heavy – Christopher Thomas, Josh Brooker, Marcel Ghoukassian
  • Clubman Over 35 – Rodney Capuano, Anthony Westaway, Peter Gooch
  • Clubman Super Heavy – Mick Fisher, David Gibcus
  • Sportsman 125 Light – Micheal Carless, Timothy Edwards, Joshua King
  • Sportsman 125 Heavy – Andrew Yuill, Jordan Cullis, Rhys Hunt
  • Midgets – Jai Sparey, Tyler O’Leary, Blake Kolar
  • Junior National Heavy – Matthew Lane, Matthew McLean, Edward Brown

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  1. Results and race information can also be found on the CMS system Via the AKA website and click on the results box

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