Sportsman Class Tyre Selected For 2012

At last Thursday’s delegates meeting, discussions were held regarding the slick tyre to be used in the Sportsman class for the 2012 racing year.

After a vote took place, the MG Red slick tyre which is currently in use was the winner.

3 thoughts on “Sportsman Class Tyre Selected For 2012

  1. The VKA put up a poll on their website and 71% of the karters who voted wanted MG Yellow. So why would the VKA go against its members and put the MG Red tyre in??? Another case of not listening to what the karters want, it’s no wonder as to why the sport is suffering.

    • The decision does not impact me yet as I’ll be in Sportsman R in 2012, but I’ve got to agree with Craig’s sentiment.

  2. got to agree craig all major avents are on yellows as we swap from yellow to red yellow to red why ?

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