Sportsman 125 Restricted Championship Points Updated

At tonight’s general meeting, it was decided that competitors points from the March Club Day Sportsman 125 Restricted p-plate races, will not be allocated to the Sportsman 125 Restricted championship.

6 thoughts on “Sportsman 125 Restricted Championship Points Updated

    • Thank you for clearing that up adam i assumed they got nothing. maybe i should come to the meeting. darren

  1. this is not fair the reason people got to the meetings is to get points not to have them taken off doesnt make raceing worth it when they do this to you not happy

  2. An explanation may help the negative feeling on this one. I can see why the decision was probably made, but there is a pretty big parity issue with P Platers in other less subscribed classes. Pretty tough on guys who have rolled up to two meetings and performed well, to now be behind non p platers who have attended only one meeting. Points for and against no doubt, and certainly objections could have been made on the night of the meeting….

  3. In all previous years the races that were P plate only were never awarded points as they are generally off their plates with in 3 race meetings, they then join the restricted guys and race for the championship. We split them to give all a fair chance and good racing. The points were added in by the club but at the General meeting it was brought up that a P Plater could be leading the championship after his 3 races when he moves to restricted, so It was voted on by the members and the decision was not to allow them points until they raced in restricted.
    This is why we keep telling all that they should attend general meetings because decisions are made that effect all in the club. If you want more explanation on this please attend the next General meeting in May.

  4. Just a quick note to Darren above, we supplied trophies to the P plate race so if they think that they should not pay an entry fee then we should not provide the trophies either?
    To Wendy the splitting of the P plate race actually made it more fair as it gave the P Plate people a chance to race from Pole as well as the back of the field. In a normal race they would have raced from the rear of the grid for every heat, including the final, they also then had a chance to compete for a trophy.
    As I stated in my last post though do not hesitate to come to a general meeting for the input on how to run your club.

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