2012 Class Titles October 27 & 28

The OGKRC Class Titles will be held on Saturday October 27 & Sunday October 28 2012. Full event details and timetable are available on the race entry page.

One lucky karter who pre-enters will have their entry fee refunded, so enter now.

A mechanics and a ladies race will be held after the completion of all other racing on Sunday. Only Yamaha KT100J motors are permitted to be used.

Entries close 12:30 pm on Saturday 27th October 2012. Late entries will not be accepted.

12 thoughts on “2012 Class Titles October 27 & 28

    • Jim,
      Yes there is a ladies race, and a mechanics race as well. See the race entry page for details.

    • Jack,
      As per the post, full event details and timetable are available on the race entry page. The race entry page shows that there is practise on Saturday morning.

    • Brenton,
      The timetable shows timed practise and heats 1 & 2 are to be run on Saturday. Many factors affect the finishing time, but likely finishing somewhere between 4 – 6pm.

  1. With 21 sportsman restricted entries on-line, ( which means up to 40 karts on the day), should we run sportsman restricted light and heavy classes? There are no club championship points to worry about.

    • Rich,
      We’ll have to wait until the day to see how many turn up. If a class split is needed, I’m sure President Bourke will make that decision at the time.

    • If they do happen to split the class…think i’d prefer D grade & C grade…no-one has to bugger around with the weights on the kart and weighing in to make sure they haven’t stuffed up.

      • James,
        Thanks for your input. A decision will be made on race day by President Bourke if the class exceeds grid capacity and needs splitting. Lets hope we get that many competitors. 😉

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