Drag Karts At OGKRC

The OGKRC executive committee has been working on a secret project, that up until now hasn’t been publicly spoken about. Finally, time has come to let the cat out of the bag.

If you have noticed earthworks outside the eastern track boundary, this location is where a kart drag strip is being built. The 100 meter drag strip will be built using a special bitumen mix like used in the NHRA drags in America.

Several classes will be offered to suit all age groups and it is expected most if not all current specification karts can be easily and inexpensively modified to suit.

Twin parachutes will be mandatory for all classes to ensure maximum safety for all competitors.

(Did you check the date of this post?)

6 thoughts on “Drag Karts At OGKRC

    • Griff,
      The engine rules are yet to be determined, but I’ve heard rumors that the ARC water cooled, and some of the 100cc reed and piston port high powered engines may be usable. But the hot tip is the twin Comers running nitrous.

      • ahaha… engine should be non-TAG, direct drive 100cc + any person to the limit of 100kg pushing the kart for the whole distance!!

  1. I heard with those engines it will be about 5 seconds between rebuilds. But what a 5 seconds it will be for junior…..

  2. I have just orderd my new drag kart from the UK. I had to pay for it in full up front but the thrill of the ride will be worth every cent. It is about time on of the major tracks built a drag strip. I cant wait to use it at our track. Can you please inform me of when the drag strip will be completed. I have twin parachutes fitted as well. I expect delivery of the new kart next month. Will we have open practise days on this track??

  3. Oh no, I was just about to order a twin shifter frame with double overhead quasi thrustbusters and chain driven zip up sump! Ah well I’ll just have to go back to the full sized drivers class. CSH#84

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