2013 Class Titles Enter Now

The Class Titles are being held at OGKRC for all club members on Saturday & Sunday 26 & 27/10/2013 and entries are now open.

The entry fee for this event is $60.

Please pre-enter now.

Supplementary regulations are available for download.

6 thoughts on “2013 Class Titles Enter Now

  1. Make sure you all read the sup regs carefully, particularly page 4, 2nd line under “Please Note”. Absolute gold. Whoever put this in, you are a legend!

  2. Dudes what’s the go with entries? No clubman superheavy listed but sportsman superheavy is?

  3. My apologies to all Clubman Super Heavy karters for the error in Pre Entries. A note will soon be posted on the website concerning your entries.
    NOTE: Sportsman Super Heavy will not be offered at Class Titles.

  4. Why do former winners of the ladies/mechanics race get a 10sec penalty???? Haha bit cruel isn’t it…

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