February Club Day 2014

The February 2014 Club Day will be for OGKRC Members only. Only karters that are full members of the OGKRC will be able to race. This is by order of the committee.

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  1. I get that club members don’t want to share club day points, but I’m of the same point of view, lost money to the club, as I’m sure it would of been a huge club day, give oakleigh members more people to race with, and practise before the Vic Open.
    Jenny Hughes

  2. Just seen, the club is hosting Round 1, VKS, so 3 huge weekends for you coming up, I will email Sam, an offer my help in the canteen.

  3. Is this for just the Feb club day? What is the reasoning behind this decision? I was hoping to get a few to re-ignite the flame/interest in the club and join that are members at other clubs currently.

    • Jimmy,
      This post relates to February Club Day 2014. If you come to next weeks general meeting, you are welcome to discuss the reasoning there.

      Please bear in mind, club days have always been for club members only, this is nothing new. People from other clubs wishing to race, need to contact the committee for approval, not just turn up. Open events are where people from other clubs can race at other clubs.

      • who cares if they members of not, more people racing more $ to the club the better the club can be and the more popular racing will be at oakleigh, u still need to be a members to practice and use the facility, some classes struggle with number, bring on more people

  4. Thank you! Being new, I was unsure on the general procedures. I will try get to the meeting for a listen in to see what happens at these meetings.

  5. Thank you, being new to the sport I was interested to know the procedure and thought process of the decision. I Would like to get on down to the meeting to see how it all works.

  6. this is crap. we struggle for people in clubman heavy and clubman super heavy every month! more people are needed at our club days. if not people including my self will start going to other clubs for meetings because they care about what we as drivers want. more racers in the class!

    • When you say struggle for numbers in clubman heavy and super heavy, just how bad are the numbers? A mate and I are looking to returning to karting and Oakleigh after 20+ years, and are going to be running heavy and super heavy respectively.

  7. Hi all I read the above comments with interest, and I will answer in short as this is not really the place to air all of the Committee’s decisions. Yes it would be more revenue and yes it would be good for the racers, but we have to look at the VOLUNTEERS that will be WORKING for those 3 weekends in a row. If we were to open the club day up and get 200 entries the canteen and stewards and others will be run off their feet. Then we are back the following Friday for 3 days of the VKS after working all week, we are then there from the Monday until the following Monday for the Vic open. So I think that to have a small club day is beneficial to all those Volunteers. I have asked for help for all those weekends and to this point out of 300 members I have had about 10 say they could and all those are the ones that help every weekend.
    I am happy if you wish to discuss further at the general meeting.
    PS Thank you Jenny for putting your hand up.
    PSS As I will be standing down in September John, Jimmy and David this will the time to put your hand up and take the club on and make these decisions.
    See you all at the general meeting on February the 11th at 7-30pm.

  8. I’ve seen that over 40s TAG will be run at the Feb club day. Will the class run to TAG heavy rules (180kg), and will it be run apart from TAG heavy in the racing order so that participants can run in both classes?

    • Rich,
      For race event specific questions, please contact the race secretary. The race secretary will be able to answer your question(s). Contact details are on the contact page.

  9. Will your track be open this weekend for practice prior to VKS and Vic open
    seeing karters cannot run your clubday ?

  10. Hi will the track be open on the 15th / 16th for those wishing to practice for the VKS?

  11. Hi, will the track be available for practice on the Saturday of club day? (22nd of Feb)


    • Rohan,
      The February club day is on Saturday 22/4/2014. So the track isn’t open for practise.

  12. The club has been great in allowing non members to practice over the last couple of months, I would like to say thank you for this. The resurfacing has made the track a lot more enjoyable to drive on, also having the scale shed open was great also. Thank you.

  13. Matt,
    We appreciate the positive feed back and thank you. Due to us holding a closed club day as per the rule book we did try to have the track open for karters from other clubs. I heard the track was very busy most weekends.The track will be open on Saturday the 22nd for those racing on the Saturday only, although we will have the track open from 9am on Sunday for karters from other clubs to get their practice in.
    I would wish all of you good luck at the Vic Open although I am a little biased so i wish better luck to the OGKRC Members.

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