OGKRC Southern City Classic 2014 – Cancelled

Due to insufficient pre-entries on CMS, the OGKRC Committee has decided to cancel this week-ends Southern City Classic – Seniors Only (Senior Top Guns) event.

The Committee thought long and hard regarding this decision and believe that the number of pre-entries was not enough to successfully run the race meeting.

Moving forward we have two events in the next few months, Class Titles – 25th October and Kingston Cup (Enduro) – 15th November. It is very important that you pre-enter via CMS, so the Committee does not need to make these tough calls regarding events at the Oakleigh Go Kart Racing Club.

11 thoughts on “OGKRC Southern City Classic 2014 – Cancelled

  1. That really sucks, understandable, but still sucks. I guess we won’t miss Bathurst quali after all.

  2. Pretty sad that the club leaves it till Thursday, still with no official notification. Relying on social media to be informed. Unsure how many numbers were required to run the event. Given only classes that looked not for was clubmans which are dying statewide.

    • Damien, the Committee gave as much time as possible until we had no other choice but the cancel the meeting. We had been informing karters on our website, kartsportnews, kartbook, Facebook, E-Mail and word of mouth that the event was on. It just isn’t viable to put an event on limited numbers. Nobody is more sorry about this than myself, trust me it was a hard decision.

      David Bell
      OGKRC – President

      • David I can understand where you are coming from, but I feel the club maybe should have made the call earlier in the week. I was looking forward to racing at oakleigh as I haven’t raced there for probably 10 years and the opportunity to race under lights would have been great. I am just unsure how many numbers were needed and given the current clubby numbers around the state relying on them may have been a tall ask. Maybe next year.

  3. I agree with Damien. Some warning and promotion that numbers were low could have prompted more entries. Looking at cms most classes could have run as of Tuesday this week. Seems a shame to not race when the weather is looking so good too.

    • Naim, Again I am very disappointed that this decision had to be made. At a Committee meeting on Tuesday night there was only 51 entries and only 4 out of 8 Classes had formed and we had to make a call. By Close of Entries there was 58.

      David Bell
      OGKRC – President

  4. it is very unfortunate for drivers, perhaps having juniors and cadets running also may have helped.
    what figures are acceptable for running such an event?
    i think “the board” got this one wrong.

  5. Simon, This event was always scheduled as a Seniors Only event, in Victoria there are 3 stand alone Junior events so we were hoping that a Seniors Only event would attract lots of Seniors to enter. We ran it last year as a Seniors Only event (in April) and had 120 entries and so we tried it again.

    As a member you are more than welcome to come to the General Meetings and ask questions regarding the club and how it is run. The next General Meeting is 14/10/2014 at 7:30pm.

  6. Simon, the whole idea of the race is to give seniors a go at having a race by themselves. Unless you are a club member racing club days, Junior Top Guns is the only open meeting at Oakleigh for night racing.

    • anon i am aware that its the only chance for seniors to race under lights and being an Oakleigh member its a shame to see numbers so poor, i thought maybe if juniors/cadets were also able to run then numbers surely would have increased.

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