Kingston Cup 2015

The Kingston Cup is a single day event that will be held on Saturday March 21 2015. If you are racing be sure to download the supplementary regulations for the event.

Don’t forget to bring your clear helmet visors if racing continues into the evening.

  • Entry confirmation: 7:00am – 8:30am
  • Drivers Briefing: 8:45am (to be held on the out grid)
  • Timed Practice: At the completion of Drivers Briefing
  • Racing starts: At the completion of Timed Practice

13 thoughts on “Kingston Cup 2015

  1. Hardly any classes have sufficient entries (which is 8 as stated in the supp regs) , is the racing still going to go on?

  2. I’m sorry, but since the change of president and I’m not blaming anybody here (as they are all volunteers and have their own jobs to do) there has been little information updated on comments or our website section.

    Is our website officially dead?

    Is the lap records ever going to be updated?

    • We try and provided updates whenever possible. If you would like to help just give me a call.

  3. The Kingston Cup will be run this Saturday. The Committee looked at the entries once pre-entries were closed (Monday 16th) and at our regular monthly Committee meeting (Tuesday 17th) we decided that the event will go ahead.

    There will be a combining of Classes to make the racing more exciting.

  4. I’m keen to race and I know another 4 club members who do as well. My work situation has changed this weekend why can’t we enter to help get numbers up??

  5. Did I miss the memo when this changed from a 2 day full weekend to a 1 day event?? Must remember to keep checking the website (hits head repeatedly)… if I’d known it was down to 1 day I would have entered… but then sounds like if I didn’t enter by Monday I wasn’t going to be racing anyway… I’m assuming there’s some Regs reason why pre-entries close so early and don’t support those who sometimes aren’t able to organise their life a week in advance for work or family reasons or baby sitter or accessing the only car with tow-bar type reasons… lucky Club Day is next week!

  6. Andy last time I looked on the supp regs page on both the VKA web site and Kartsport news and in the supp regs on the OGKRC web site it said day night meeting.

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