Working Bee Thursday December 29 2016

On Friday we had our annual track inspection. There were a few things identified that we will need to fix. The biggest job is to replace all the blue barrels around the light poles with tyres.

There will be a working bee on Thursday December 29 2016 starting at 9am. The track will be CLOSED ALL DAY.

There are 18 light poles and about 240 tyres that need to be put in place and bolted together, so please come down and lend a hand for a few hours. There will be a BBQ lunch provided.

Please bring along cordless drills if you can.

1 thought on “Working Bee Thursday December 29 2016

  1. In the late 90s we had tyres all around the track painted white and was tight together with screws and ropes. Was than told by track inspector in late 2000s to change with drums because was more safer on impact, so the club bought drums to replace tyres. So now the club is going back to where it was in 90s with extra expenses. Just checking if anyone looked at the history of Race Track changes?

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