These times are current 07/07/2021

Whilst all care has been taken to ensure these lap records are accurate & correct, should you be aware of any errors or omissions please email

Cadet 9 FLYNN, James 0:46.572 28/02/2021 Club Day
Cadet 12 BASSO, Mathew 0:45.982 16/01/2021 Top Guns R2
KA4 Junior Light HALL, Angus 0:43.713 27/06/2021 Club Day
KA4 Junior Heavy PATCHING, Thomas 0:44.271 11/07/2021 Club Day
KA3 Junior ANAGNOSTIADIS, Aiva 0:40.479 11/04/2021 Victorian Kart Championship
KA3 Senior Light GRAHAM, Robert 0:40.575 11/07/2021 Club Day
Victorian Combined Light FOIK, Eden 0:40.948 7/03/2021 Metro Series R1
Victorian Combined Medium FLODSTROM, Nicholas 0:41.946 7/03/2021 Metro Series R1
4SS Senior Light CHIPMAN, Steven 0:46.228 11/07/2021 Club Day
4SS Senior Medium BIDELEUX, Steve 0:46.324 28/02/2021 Club Day
4SS Senior Heavy CUTTING, Mark 0:47.412 28/03/2021 Club Day