The Griffiths Report January Club Day 2016

So with Junior Top Guns run and won it’s time to turn our attention to Club Days at Oakleigh and our January kicks off with a sunny Saturday afternoon that will lead us into finals under lights. There is some rain forecast which might mix things up a bit, and for 2016 the race format changes to Qualifying for Heat 1, then Heat 2 you start where you finished Heat 1, and then points from these 2 determine where you start the final, so combine some changeable weather with a new race format, and then the usual mix of Juniors moving up to Seniors and so on, and we’re in for an interesting day.

Andrew Daley from AKD Photography joined us again for 2016 and we appreciate his support. If you want some pictures of the action, find them at .

TAG 125 Light / TAG 125 Heavy

20160130TaGLightDaniel Griffin and Shane Kovacs the front row here for Heat 1, with Ashley Seward and Richard Matera the only 2 in Heavy, respectively 1 and 2. Griffin away well in Light with Jamie Westaway through to 2nd then Jack Scanlan as Kovacs drops back to 4th. Justin Carless was moving through the field after an uncharacteristic qualifying performance and on lap 3 got up to 4th, now ahead of Scanlan, with Kovacs moving into 3rd. In Heavy, Seward was 1st, buried in a pack of slower Lights while Matera was both 2nd and last if you know what I mean. Griffin meanwhile was coming under pressure from Westaway Continue reading

2016 Club Day Season Opener This Saturday

This coming Saturday is the first club day races of 2016 and it will be a day / night event. There are plenty of classes to pick from, and the entry fee is only $50.

The track will be open in the morning for practise and racing will begin early in the afternoon.

Do remember to bring a helmet visor that complies with the rules for racing after sunset.

Full details including supplementary regulations can be found on the race entry page.

The Griffiths Report Top Guns 2 2016

So Saturday dawned bright and sunny for the second round of Junior Top Guns at Oakleigh. We thought Friday was the perfect day for a kart race; that was until we saw the weather today. A beautiful sunny 24 degrees as I pulled in the gate about an hour before qualifying got underway. The blistering times that were set in all classes yesterday might not be repeated since competitors had to use the same tyres, but conditions were ideal and the track was in absolute top notch nick after yesterday’s racing.

KA4 Junior Light

Jai Sparey off Pole with a 41.220 against his own 41.152 yesterday, so not a great difference in times at all, if this class was any indication. Behind him was Nicholas Schembri, Bradley James again up there, then Kai Upiter, Finn Cassidy and Nicholas Trebilcock. Sparey didn’t quite get the start he wanted as Schembri got through, but only for a lap as Sparey regained the ascendancy, Upiter in 3rd, then  Webster and Trebilcock Continue reading

The Griffiths Report Top Guns 1 2016

So here we are again in January at Oakleigh, meaning it’s time for Junior Top Guns. The track looked an absolute picture – the work the committee and members have put in over summer has transformed the place. Fresh bunting ringed the track, run offs freshly topped up, tyres renewed and painted, the grass was trimmed and all was in readiness for the heart starter of the karting year.

I won’t go on about the champions Oakleigh has produced (lots of them), the lively weather we usually get on Top Guns weekend (either flood or heatwave, but today perfect), or the great battles we have seen fought here over the years between young karters. Some of them have gone on to stellar careers in Motorsport and some have stayed in karts – but we hope that everyone who rolled up this weekend from near or far has fun, and we see some close racing.

KA4 Junior Light

Qualifying saw Jai Sparey ahead of Bradley James then Nicholas Schembri Continue reading

Junior Top Guns 2016

Pre Entries for the 2016 Junior Tops Guns may have closed on CM:S, but it’s not too late to enter.

Entries will be taken on the day at entry confirmation or you can email our Race Secretary & let him know you wish to enter.

If you don’t yet have the Rear Impact Protection, contact one of the following local kart shops who have stock.
– James Sera Karting Centre
– Adam Macrow Racing
– Baron Engines