The Griffiths Report Junior Top Guns Round 2 2017

A cooler day for Saturday’s racing at Junior Top Guns 2017, maybe mid 20’s, a bit of a blustery wind, but no sign of the heavy rain that made qualifying and the first round of Heats a bit of a slog yesterday. Under sunny skies we got qualifying underway.

I need to say here that all results provided below are as they crossed the line. There were appeals and hearings underway as I left the track after a long day – the stewards of the meeting looked like having a longer one! Final results for the two days combined will follow.

Cadet 12

Fletcher Harris again off pole here, but with Damon Woods beside him, then Tex Starr-McKoy and Christian Cowie and at the go it’s Woods who gets the better of things to lead Harris and the rest around for a lap or 2. That is until Harris slides under Woods at JSKC and here we find Starr-McKoy and Cowie closing in too, so a group of 4 out front. Behind them Isaac Woodhouse, Ayrton Filippi, Brodie Thompson and Francis Carr, but the 4 out front continue to pull clear. 9 to go and Woods suffers some mystery failure coming into the Dipper and drops a number of spots, then comes back to life, now in 4th, but well back; Harris meanwhile continues out front, Starr-McKoy now in 2nd . Continue reading

The Griffiths Report Junior Top Guns Round 1 2017

So here we are again at Oakleigh in January – it’s Junior Top Guns time. As usual we have attracted Junior competitors from near and far with plenty of interstate number plates in the pits as I wandered around before we got going. At this early stage of the day the weather was warm and humid, but about half an hour before qualifying began the rain arrived. Junior Top Guns’ reputation for meteorological extremes looked like continuing!

Qualifying was therefore held in very wet conditions, quite heavy showers streaking across the track at times. Once we completed that, some soggy racing got underway.

Cadet 12

Fletcher Harris off pole with Steven Tsesmelis beside him and Tex Starr-McKoy and Matthew Domaschenz behind them as we got going in Heat 1 in wet conditions – and straight away we have disaster as Harris, Tsesmelis and Starr-McKoy are all out at JSKC when someone went through bowling ball style (I didn’t see who in the drenching conditions) allowing Domaschenz to inherit the lead, followed soon after by Jesse Lacey, Samuel Gibson and Christian Cowie. So they settled into this order, but bad luck for the first 3 all to be out so early in proceedings. Continue reading

Top Guns 2017

The 2017 Junior Top Guns is less than 2 weeks away, and pre-entries close this Sunday the 8th of January so jump on CMS and get yours in today.

The track will be open until 10pm on Wednesday the 11th of January for practice (Top Guns Competitors only from 5pm), and the canteen will be open in the evening for a BBQ dinner.

The track will be closed on Thursday the 12th of January.

Top Guns Accommodation Special Ends Tomorrow

Don’t forget, if you need accommodation for Top Guns you only have until tomorrow to save 15% at the Dingley International.

The gate will also be open all day tomorrow for non-members to access the track for practice.

We will be having our traditional Wednesday night practice for Top Guns competitors only on the 11th, the track will be open all day and until 10pm.

Track Closed Friday December 30 2016

Due to inclement weather, the working bee activities scheduled for today, December 29 2016, have not been completed.

The track will be closed again tomorrow, Friday December 30 2016, for at least the morning, to allow work to continue.

Working Bee Thursday December 29 2016

On Friday we had our annual track inspection. There were a few things identified that we will need to fix. The biggest job is to replace all the blue barrels around the light poles with tyres.

There will be a working bee on Thursday December 29 2016 starting at 9am. The track will be CLOSED ALL DAY.

There are 18 light poles and about 240 tyres that need to be put in place and bolted together, so please come down and lend a hand for a few hours. There will be a BBQ lunch provided.

Please bring along cordless drills if you can.

Top Guns January 2017

The 2016 season may have just finished but at Oakleigh we are already looking to season 2017.

Once again kicking off the karting calendar, Junior Top Guns is only just over a month away. Bigger and better in 2017, Junior Top Guns will have more laps and a huge prize pool worth nearly $15,000.

With a great discount offer on accommodation and free camping available there’s no excuse not to make your way to Oakleigh.

Supp Regs will be available shortly at

The Griffiths Report Class Titles 2016

November means Class Titles time at Oakleigh and a number of determined souls gathered on a mild Saturday morning to see who would take the spoils. The report is brief because I was also busy looking after flags and I should also note that all results here are provisional – they are the order the karts crossed the finish line, but are to be confirmed.

TAG 125 Light / TAG 125 Heavy

Michael Carless took all before him in the Heats of Light, winning both, with Jack Scanlan and Daniel Griffin sharing a pair of seconds. In Heavy Richard Matera had an easy time of it with Anthony Lantouris suffering a DNF in Heat 1 and not starting Heat 2.

In the Pre Final it was Carless yet again, Griffin then Rory Spencer and Scanlan behind him, James Barnes going out with a DNF.

Carless completed a clean sweep, winning the Final, Griffin in 2nd and Scanlan and Spencer putting on the best dice in this class Continue reading