The Griffiths Report July Club Day 2016

Although the forecast was for a fine and sunny day, we certainly received plenty of rain overnight and arrived at the track to find it wet and slippery as the sun rose on Oakleigh’s July Club Day. Qualifying was held on a damp-but-slowly-drying track which led to a few offs and a few surprises up the top of the time sheets – by the time we went racing it was sunny and the track had dried.

Restricted 125 Light

01 - TaG Restricted LightHeat 1 Pole Sitter Kyle King but David Hutchinson through to the lead ahead of Luke Medley on Lap 2, Medley qualifying back in 6th, then a gap back to King and another gap to Stephen Barker, but by Lap 4 Medley was in the lead ahead of Hutchinson and that is where he would stay, pulling well away in the end, King through to 2nd, then Hutchinson and Darren Wade at the flag.

Pre Final and Medley now off the front with King beside him and Hutchinson and Wade behind him and Medley drives off with it, King then Wade and all over.

Finals time and Medley gets the best of the start and Continue reading

The Griffiths Report June Club Day 2016

As I left my place in the outer ‘burbs for the June Club Day at Oakleigh, it was freezing – literally – zero degrees showing on my car readout as I waited for the demister to melt some of the ice on my windscreen. Of course what often follows such a cold, clear start is a beautiful sunny winter’s day. What we got instead was a bone chilling wind that sprang up from nowhere almost as soon as the sun rose, testing the resilience of both karters and officials as we shivered through one of the coldest days at the track I can remember. At least it didn’t rain!

Because I doubled up doing flag point lights, you only get the brief version of the report, as follows:

Restricted 125 Light

Luke Medley pole and won Heat 1 from Darran Wade, as Kyle King was an unfortunate DNF with 3 to go taking him out of the race and elevating David Hutchinson into 3rd.

The Pre Final saw Medley take a big win, well ahead of Wade with King coming through for 3rd. Continue reading

The Griffiths Report Victorian Karting Series Sunday June 19 2016

A cool but clear start to the day as we fronted up to a Sunday that would see the Finals decided and we got going at 8.30 with the old guys out the gate first.

TAG Masters

The pair of Riddell’s, Steven and Glenn, went to the lead at the green, Kranz through to 3rd then Simpson, and behind him, Smith then Mark Poole. 4 laps in and the Riddell’s were getting closer together, Steven in front then Glenn, and at the same time further away from the rest of the pack – Kranz a lonely 3rd  having found a yard from yesterday, them a gap back to Smith, Poole Simpson and Martin. With 5 to go Kranz was noticeably closer to the lead pair and might be able to throw out a challenge soon. As always happens, the minute I wrote this Kranz’s progress seemed to halt and the Riddell’s were now maintaining the gap – Glenn now in the lead – they look so similar I didn’t notice the change, and that’s how they crossed the line.

Finals time as Glenn and Steven Riddell lead Simpson and Smith away but Simpson a wobbly entry to JSKC and slows dramatically on the way out , allowing the whole field through as he re-joins in last, so Smith now taking the challenge up to the Riddells, and Kranz right on his hammer too Continue reading

The Griffiths Report Victorian Karting Series Saturday June 18 2016

“Showers clearing, top of 13” according to the radio as I drove to the track early on Saturday morning, but the wipers told a different story as the rain pelted down during some parts of my trip. By the time we finished driver’s briefing and karters got ready for the Junior Practice Sessions and then Qualifying, the rain had indeed cleared, but it showed every sign of being a gloomy, chilly day all the same.

Practice and qualifying took us through to about midday and it looked like by the time we got to Heats it would be right for slicks, but sure enough KA3 Junior Qualifying saw a heavy rain shower arrive just as they went out the gate and we had a field half on slicks and half on wets and times all over the place. So racing got underway on a soaking wet track in the end.

TAG Masters

Water streamed across the track as we got Heat 1 underway – Heats now reduced to 10 laps. Steven Riddell getting to the lead after a couple of soggy and slippery laps, behind him Glenn Riddell, then Phil Smith recovering from a start where he was stuck behind a slow starting pole man in Stephen Simpson, Simpson now back in 4th. Steven Riddell had the conditions mastered, running around a second faster than anyone else, particularly brother Glenn Continue reading

Track Closed 13 – 19 June 2016

The track will be closed for practise from Monday June 13 until Sunday June 19 2016 due to this weeks VKS round. For those participating in the VKS, please check the supplementary regulations for the event timetable.

The track will be re-open for normal use Monday June 20 2016.

Working Bee Saturday June 11 2016

There will be a working bee this Saturday to prepare the track for next weeks VKS round. Please come along and and give your club a hand.

Note, the track will be open for practise on Saturday and Sunday but closed from Monday until the VKS race meeting begins.


Working Bee Saturday June 4 2016

There will be a working bee this Saturday between 9am and 12pm.

Lots to do so it would be great to see some members come down and give their club a hand.

Please bring along, whipper snippers, lawn mowers, gloves, shovels, muscles etc.

The track will be CLOSED during this time.

Lap Records Set At 2016 Kingston Cup

Four lap records were broken at the 2016 Kingston Cup.

Congratulations to the following drivers.

  • Cadet 9 – Liam O’Donnell – 0:44.874
  • KA3 Senior Heavy – Bryce Woollard – 0:41.349
  • Restricted 125 Heavy – Benjamin McMellan – 0:42.011
  • Restricted 125 Light – Hirotaka Chong – 0:41.403