VCM Performance Junior Top Guns 2015 – Practice Sessions

The Oakleigh Go Kart Racing Club will be opening up the track and turning on the lights on Wednesday 14th January for Juniors Only (Cadet9, Cadet12, Junior National, Junior Clubman and Junior MAX) to practice for the VCM Performance Junior Top Guns which is to be held on Friday 16th & Saturday 17th January.

If you have never raced under lights or would just like some night time practice, the gates will be open from 9am. You will need to have a clear visor once the lights are on.

Wednesday 14th January 9:00am to 10:30pm
Unofficial Practice (Juniors Only – Cadet9, Cadet12, Junior National, Junior Clubman and Junior MAX)

Thursday 15th January 9:00am to 6:00pm
Unofficial Practice – (Track open as normal – Juniors & Seniors welcome)

Friday 16th January 10:00am  – 2:00pm
Official Practice – VCM Performance Junior Top Gun competitors Only (No Seniors)

Saturday 17th January 10:00am  – 2:00pm
Official Practice – VCM Performance Junior Top Gun competitors Only (No Seniors)

The Griffiths Report November Club Day 2014

Oakleigh was bathed in magnificent spring sunshine as we rolled up for the last Club Day of the year. As usual during the daylight savings months we run this Club Day as a day nighter on Saturday and it looked like being a beauty. With all the changes going on in karting, it may be the last time we see a number of these classes and engines in action – who knows what’s in store for 2015? For now though, it was all about today


20141129ROOK019Hamish Allan off pole and to the lead ahead of Jett Blumeris and Michael Horner, Antonio Mastroianni and Callum Potter. Allan pulled away as the laps rolled by and while the group behind him threatened to put on a show, nothing much eventuated and the order was unchanged at the flag except that Blumeris was caught behind a lapped kart on the line and dropped to 3rd, Horner getting through to 2nd.

Angus Baddeley-Thompson away from 2nd ahead of Pole man Ethan Church then Callum Potter and Mitchell McGovern, Heat 1 winner Allan unlucky to expire on the start line before the race got underway. Continue reading

The Griffiths Report October Class Titles 2014

Each October Oakleigh holds its Class Titles – the Bathurst of the years racing. In all, we had 118 entries for the 2014 event, so a good roll up compared to recent Club Days. Usually a two day meeting, this year the club opted for a Saturday day/night event and so we found ourselves down at the track nice and early on an overcast and cool Saturday morning. Wandering the pits beforehand you could see lots of faces from years past, or that don’t usually run Club Days, all back to have a go at getting their name on the plaques that line the clubroom walls

Winners in years past include future National Champions like Dave Sera in Junior National Light in 2000 and 2003, Justin Schneider in Junior National Light and Heavy in 2001 and 2002 respectively, James Sera in Clubman Light in 2001 and a number of times since, Adam Hughes in Leopard Light in 2005, also in a number of subsequent years, Thomas Randle in Midgets in 2005, Josh Brooker in Leopard Heavy in 2007 – and many more! Today’s winners would be joining a promising list; who knows what they might go on to achieve.


20141025ROOK001Fastest Qualifier was Angus Baddeley-Thompson and he went on to win Heat 1 ahead of Antonio Mastroianni and Ethan Church. Continue reading

October 23 2014 Working Bee Cancelled

The Working Bee scheduled for Thursday October 23 2014 has been cancelled. The tasks required to be completed had already been done.

The next Working Bee is Thursday November 6 2014 from 5pm, followed by a BBQ for the hard workers. The Working Bee is to ensure the track and grounds are ready for the Kingston Cup – Enduro on Saturday November 15 2014.  Please regularly check the “Upcoming Events” section of the website for track activities.