Killester College At OGKRC 2013

killester1On a cold and wet Tuesday morning, the Year 10 Energy Breakthrough
girls, along with Mrs. Buszko and Barry Bolton made our way down to
the Oakleigh Go Kart racing track to prepare for the 24-hour race we are
attempting in Maryborough. Whilst each of the eight riders rode around
the track while their pit crew cheered them on. The remainder of the
girls who didn’t ride completed tasks in order for the HPV/EB camp to
go ahead successfully. These tasks included writing sponsorship letters,
which hopefully allow us to raise the sufficient funds to acquire the
necessary equipment for the competition and for the appropriate attire
to be made and organized.

killester2We would like to thank Barry for giving up his time to drive us around,
Mrs Buszko for giving us this opportunity to train at the Oakleigh Track and for Oakleigh Go Karts for allowing us to use their track to train on.

August 2013 Club Day Races Enter Now

The August Club Day (3rd last for the year) is being held at OGKRC for all club members on Sunday 25/8/2013 and entries are now open.

Feature class will be Clubman Heavy (if more than 5 competitors).

The entry fee for competitors pre-entering online is $45. The entry fee for competitors who don’t pre-enter online will be $50.

94 pre-entries to date (22/8/2013 9.35am)

  • Cadets (Pre-entries: 5)
  • Rookies (Pre-entries: 7)
  • Junior National Light (Pre-entries: 6)
  • Junior National Heavy (Pre-entries: 13)
  • Junior Clubman (Pre-entries: 3)
  • Clubman Light (Pre-entries: 10)
  • Clubman Heavy (Pre-entries: 6)
  • Clubman Super Heavy (Pre-entries: 5)
  • Tag 125 Light (Pre-entries: 4)
  • Tag 125 Heavy (Pre-entries: 5)
  • Sportsman Restricted Light (Pre-entries: 14)
  • Sportsman Restricted Heavy (Pre-entries: 16)

Update On AKA Future Engine Projects

This following article is a press release from the AKA and was originally published on

As many members would recall, back in early 2012, the AKA embarked on a major initiative to consider future engines that would replace the KT100S and KT100J in the Clubman and National categories (future engine project 1) and the Comer and KT100J engines in the Cadet and Rookie categories (future engine project 2), all run nationally throughout Australia.

The reason or purpose for embarking on such a major initiative was to consider the introduction of new engine technology that would provide the Australian Karting community with engines that offer long life, have a very high degree of parity and remain cost effective to purchase and maintain. Expressions of Interest for the Clubman and National categories and Tender submissions for the Cadet and Rookie categories were sought over the past 12 or so months and the organisation remains committed to delivering on its original objectives.

On 1 September 2013, the sport of karting in Australia enters a new era with a skills based Board of Management replacing the existing AKA Executive and National Karting Council (NKC).

As we are sure you will agree, it is critically important that our new management team are completely satisfied that the future engine projects are able to deliver on their objectives for the Australian karting community, offering fair, fast and reliable technology at the right price for Australian competitors. It is for these reasons that the NKC and the incoming Board of Directors have mutually agreed to temporarily suspend the progress of these projects for up to six (6) months.

Mick Doohan, Chair of the new AKA Board, believes that the future engines project is one of the most important initiatives in the history of karting in Australia.

“As a new team, we are determined to ensure that the best engines are selected. An engine change in these categories is set to be the biggest transformation in Australian karting for many years and we want to ensure that the future engine projects fit within the overall strategic plan for the organisation,” said Doohan.

“The new Board is committed to keeping the karting community regularly updated with our progress on this initiative and all other initiatives as we look to take our sport to a new and exciting level over the coming years.”

August 2013 General Meeting Tonight 7.30pm

The August general meeting of the Oakleigh Go Kart Racing Club is being held this Tuesday August 13th 2013, at 7.30pm in the club rooms.

All members are invited to attend the general meeting. Many discussions, ideas and decisions are made at the general meetings. If you don’t attend, you are then unable to have your say in the direction that the club takes on various matters.

The Griffiths Report July Club Day 2013

A good roll up of 110 karters ventured out for Oakleigh’s July Club day – and were met by a windy, chilly but thankfully dry day as we got things underway. Again photos of the action this month are available from and our thanks to Andrew for coming down and getting some shots of you all. He is also running a Facebook special this month: Andrew will pick 1 junior and 1 senior class driver that has liked the Facebook page for his website, and they will get 1 full, un-watermarked image of their choice from the race meeting of them. More details to follow on the Facebook page in the coming days. The link to the Facebook site is,

A special mention this month should also be made of the Sims family who head off to a new life in the USA following this Club Day – our best wishes and thanks for their help over the last 5 years go to Sean, Tara and Nicholas.

Junior National Light

Junior National LightHeat 1 saw Matthew Iredale off pole but at the green Cody Donald gets the jump and goes to the lead. After 3 laps Iredale has the situation back in hand and is at the front followed by Donald and Nicholas Sims then Jack Bell. By halfway the lead that Iredale had established was being eroded rapidly by Sims who had pulled clear of Donald and Bell. With 2 to go Iredale looked safe from Sims, whose march forward had halted, then it was Bell and Donald well back in 4th, and that’s the way they crossed the line. Continue reading

Officials And Helpers Needed

If you’re not racing this weekend, come along anyway and lend a hand, even if you only have a spare hour or two.