Results 2011 Victorian Open Championship

Results of the 2011 Victorian Open Championship held at Go-Kart Club Of Victoria, VIC.

Full results have been posted on the AKA Results Site.

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  • Clubman Super Heavy – Ben McKinlay, Scott Simpson, Nathan van Hulst, Scott Ferguson, Shane Wharton
  • Junior Clubman – Joseph Mawson, Liam Morey, Anthony Martin, Todd Hazelwood, James Hughes
  • Clubman Heavy – Brendan Nelson, Matthew Wall, Glenn Riddell, Richard Muscat, Remo Luciani
  • Midgets – Jordan Caruso, Thomas Bennett, Chase Wooley, Dylan Hollis, Brock Kenny
  • Rotax Light – David Sera, Luke Rochford, Brad Jenner, Josh De Maio, Michael Robson
  • Junior Max – Joseph Mawson, Liam Morey, Pierce Lehane, Michael Stewart, Matthew McLellan
  • Clubman Over 40 – Remo Luciani, Christopher Sanderson, Phillip Smith, John Pringle, Leon Forrest
  • Senior National Heavy – Nicholas Ellen, Glenn Riddell, Brett Dillon, Todd Stevens, Jarryd Ebzery
  • Leopard Light – David Sera, James Sera, Scott Kissock, Adam Willison, Richard Muscat
  • Junior National Heavy – Anton de Pasquale, Todd Hazelwood, Matthew McLellan, Nicholas Rowe, Luke Walker
  • Leopard Heavy – Matthew Wall, Lee Mitchener, Michael Griffiths, Shane Price, Daniel Stein
  • Rookies – Reece Sidebottom, Thomas Schou, Nikola Mitic, Jayden Ojeda, Cody Gillis
  • Rotax Heavy – Brendan Nelson, Paul Rodgers, Zeke Edwards, Rick Pringle, Ben McKinlay
  • Senior National Light – Nicholas Ellen, Jarryd Ebzery, Luke Caputo, Darsey Kondopirakis, Thomas Allen
  • Junior National Light – Liam McLellan, James Golding, Jake Klein, Luke Marquis, William Hawkes
  • Clubman Light – James Sera, David Sera, Mitchell Wilmot, Jordan Nicolaou, Cian Fothergill

AKA License Username And Password

Many race meetings both now and future will require racers to enter online using the AKA license system. To be able to enter you will need to know your AKA ID number and password.

These details were supplied with your license, but if you can’t locate your ID number and password, make sure to get them from the AKA/VKA well before the race meeting you wish to race at.The AKA/VKA administer these login details, so the club is not able to help you

Addendums Updated

The downloads page has been updated with addendum number 16. This addendum relates to the Parilla Leopard engine.

Suggest you take a look at the addendums from time to time to ensure you are aware of the latest rule changes.

Results 2011 Val And Joyce Findlay Memorial

Results of the 2011 Val And Joyce Findlay Memorial held at Geelong Karting Club, VIC.

Full results have been posted on the Mylaps Results Site.

  • Midgets – Chase Wooley, Jack Nolan, Antonio Astuti
  • TaG Restricted Heavy – Jordan Cullis, Wayne Ceppa, Anthony Warner
  • Clubman Light – Jake Campana, Joseph Cutri, Scott Dillon
  • Junior National Heavy – Matthew McLellan, Jake Dixon, Edward Brown
  • Rookies – Rhys Wolley, Jordan Rae, Brayden Flood
  • Rotax Over 40 – Mark Newman, Glen Chadwick, Dallas Walton
  • TaG Restricted Light – Ian Branson, Brett North, James MacDonald
  • Open Performance KZ2 – Gary Pegoraro, Mathew Mills, Ashley Pollard
  • Junior National Light – Liam McLellan, Mitch Wilson, Will Hawkes
  • Formula 100 Heavy – Dominic Albanese, Bobby Bourke, Neil Torode
  • Formula 100 Light – Ben Albanese

Results 2011 CIK Round 1

Results of the 2011 CIK Round 1 held at Ipswich Kart Club, QLD.

Full results have been posted on the AKA Results Site.

  • Pro Light (KF1) – Cian Fothergill, Adam Hughes, Grant Smith
  • Pro Gearbox (KZ2) – Matthew Wall, Tyler Greenbury, Kel Treseder
  • Pro Junior (KF3) – Pierce Lehane, Joseph Mawson, Jake Klarich

Read the full race report here:

February Club Day Presidents Letter

Dear Members,
Our first club day has been run and won. We had a few hiccups at the start that unfortunately made us start a little behind schedule, but due to karters being on their toes for the starts we made up time and still finished at a good and respectable hour.

We had a few difficulties with karters wanting to enter classes without having the appropriate licence grading. The AKA licence / entry system (CMS) does not allow the club to upgrade licences, and the club does not have the authority to upgrade licences, the VKA/AKA is responsible for that task, and only after you have all of your endorsements. It is the karters responsibility to ensure that this is done well before race day as it cannot be done at the track. All karters are able to check their licence grading and status on line with their licence number and password on the AKA website.

There has been some problems with the marking out of pit spots. Whilst it is convenient for members to be able to mark out pit spots prior to a race meeting, if any disputes for pit spots arise, the committee will have no choice but to remove all ropes and markings and it will be first in best dressed.

I really want to encourage all competitors to enter on line for race meetings. We can then check that competitors have entered the correct class and you will also know if your licence is up to date. This also has the added benefit of speeding up the entry taking process.

The club still needs more helpers to run our meetings. (Funnily enough the President would like to have a race and not be in the starters box.) Then we will have more officials and helpers on the track.

Regarding class numbers, if we do not get more entries in some classes we will be forced to join classes or make them a mid weight. It gets a bit boring watching 5 karts go around.

Our next general meeting is on March 8th at the club rooms and I hope to see you there to voice your opinions or listen to what is happening around the club.

Adam Bourke
President OGKRC

Results 2011 All Star Series Round 1

Results of the 2011 All Star Series Round 1 held at Eastern Lions Kart Club, VIC.

Full results have been posted on the AKA Results Site.

  • Junior Clubman – Anton De Pasquale, James Hughes, Kyle Rethus
  • Leopard Light – James Sera, Dean Foster, Timothy Holowell
  • KZ2 – Matthew Wall, Jorden Lindstrom, Lee Mitchener
  • Rookies – Reece Sidebottom, Thomas Prascevic, Rhys Wooley
  • Junior National Heavy – Anton De Pasquale, Reece Bloomfield, Luke Walker
  • Clubman Light – James Sera, Andrew Carey, Jordan Nicolaou
  • Restricted 125 – Brett Ozimek, Daniel Paronetto, Scott Cole
  • Rotax Heavy – Paul Rodgers, Rick Pringle, Danny Wright
  • Junior National Light – William Hawkes, Justin Francis, Damon Strongman
  • Clubman Heavy – Leigh Nicolaou, Lee Mitchener, Glenn Riddell
  • Clubman Over 40 – Christopher Sanderson, Phillip Smith, Glen Chadwick
  • Leopard Heavy – Daniel Stein, Shane Price, Remo Luciani
  • Rotax Light – Luke Rochford, Michael Powell, Brittany Smith
  • Junior Max – Michael Griffin, Zachary Phillips, Chelsea Angelo
  • Midgets – Cooper Murray, Dylan Hollis, Chase Wooley

February Presidents Letter

Dear Members,
We had a very well attended General meeting on Tuesday the 8th of February, with some great ideas coming forth. As discussed at the meeting, we will be building a flower bed to try and stop water coming in from our neighbours. This will take a few weeks to complete. During this time, please be patient with the current water situation.

The club is also looking at installing larger pumps to remove the water from the track area quicker. Due to this we may have to run new power cables, so again a bit of time is needed.

How long will this take? Being that we all work normal hours, most of this will take place out of hours, but we will do it as quickly as possible. All I ask is that you have patience with the track situation and we will get there.

A vote was taken whether to keep the AMB timing system running on club days as a back up to the CMS system. The vote was yes. The committee had tried to go with the CMS alone as we have trouble finding helpers to run the race meeting, so to have two systems means two people. So we need helpers. For February club day we need a starter, finisher and canteen assistants. In the future we will need the above as well as a CMS timing person. As the members have voted for this, I hope that they will be supplying the people to man these positions.

On the 6th and 7th of May there will be an Endurance event at the track, so the track will be closed for normal use by members. It is a 6 hour event to be held on the Saturday. Keep your eye on the web site for details as they come to hand.

Good luck in your racing.

Adam Bourke
President of the OGKRC

Results 2011 Country Series Round 1

Results of the 2011 Country Series Round 1 held at South West Kart Club, VIC.

Full results have been posted on the AKA Results Site.

  • Clubman Heavy – Scott King, Christopher Thomas, Glenn O’Brien
  • Senior National Pro – Joshua Tapscott, Andrew Rae, Bradley Anderson
  • Midgets – Cooper Murray, Jordan Pike, Jack Nolan
  • Rotax Pro – Ashley Quiddington, Corey McCullagh, Ian Thornley
  • Junior National Heavy – Luke Walker, Anton De Pasquale, Cameron Reynolds
  • Restricted 125 Pro – Dominic Mittiga, James McDonald, Chris Crawley
  • Leopard Pro – Jordan Nicolaou, Harley Benson, Alexis Stavrou
  • Clubman Light – Tyler McDonald, Jordan Nicolaou, Hayden Renshaw
  • Rookies – Jarrod Dwyer, Thomas Prascevic, Joshua Munn
  • Junior Clubman – Anton De Pasquale, Luke Marquis, Kyle Rethus
  • Clubman Super Heavy – Scott Ferguson, Andrew Hayes, Robert Pansarino
  • Clubman Over 40 – Leon Forrest, Ian Branson, Andrew Stubbs
  • Junior National Light – Damon Strongman, Luke Marquis, Mitch Wilson