Please Pre-Enter All Races Online

The AKA now offers drivers the option to pre-enter race meetings online using your user name (licence number) and password. These credentials have been sent out to you from the VKA at the time of your licence renewal. So to help our club days run smoother and faster, we need all competitors to pre-enter via the AKA website. If you decide not to race it is easier to take you off the system than it is to enter you on the day. It is important that we all get into the habit of entering online as a lot of the major events will require online entries.

The AKA CMS system allows you to enter online, as well as giving you access to a range of information including:

  • Licence renewals and upgrades
  • Your personal details (endorsements and penalties)
  • Your current licence grade (A, B C etc)
  • Races you have entered and the results of those meetings
  • Lists other drivers who have pre-entered a race meeting

As we now all have access to the AKA CMS system, and the ability to enter online and check that our details are up to date, the club and officials of OGKRC will not be responsible if your licence is not correct with the information that you think it should have. We also will not be handling any issues in relation to licence renewals or club membership on the day of racing.

Whilst we will not be solving any disputes with your licence on the day of a race meeting, we are happy to help solve any issue you may have at least 48 hours prior to a race meeting. If you think you have a problem then contact the VKA directly, or the OGKRC membership secretary, Angela Russell.

If you have any question in relation to online entries of the CMS system then please email or phone after 4pm.

Look forward to seeing you at the next club day

Safe racing
Michelle Carless

Race Secretary OGKRC

April Club Day Will Be Run

After much consideration, the committee of OGKRC has decided to hold the April club day races. The club has located sufficient officials and helpers to hold the event.

Those wishing to race who are not OGKRC members will need to become OGKRC members for the day for a nominal $5 charge. This can be done at the track on race day.

This race meeting will be held on Saturday April 23. Racing will start around 2pm and will continue under lights. This will be the last race meeting under lights until next year, so come along and enjoy the experience. Hope to see you there.

Results 2011 Rotax Pro Tour Round 2

Results of the 2011 Rotax Pro Tour Round 2 held at Dubbo Kart Club, NSW.

Full results have been posted on the AKA Results Site.

Here are the place getters:

  • Rotax Heavy – Troy Woolston, Paul Rodgers, Lane Moore
  • Rotax Light – Adam Lindstrom, Tyler Greenbury, Steel Guiliana
  • Formula JMA Light – Joseph Mawson, Christopher Corbett, Renee Gracie
  • DD2 – Damien Ward, Mark Flood, Kyle Ensbey
  • Rotax Super Heavy – Bruce Otter, Sean Reeves, Peter Beeten
  • Formula JMA – Heavy Dale Corbett, Alex Griffiths, Michael Saller
  • Rotax Over 35 – Michael Robson, Robert Amess, John Bailey

Results 2011 Country Series Round 2

Results of the 2011 Country Series Rd 2 held at Ballarat Kart Club, VIC.

Full results have been posted on the AKA Results Site.

  • Clubman Over 40 – Ian Branson, Mark Cottrell, Rodney Westbrook
  • Junior National Light – William Hawkes, Luke Marquis, Damon Strongman
  • Clubman Heavy – Scott King, Andrew Cash, Joshua Franzi
  • Senior National Pro – Ashley Quiddington, Joshua Tapscott, Drue Masterson
  • Midgets – Dylan Hollis, Cooper Murray, Jack Nolan
  • Rotax Pro – Broe Shiells, Ashley Quiddington, Stephanie Munn
  • Junior National Heavy – Anton De Pasquale, Andrew Hollis, Cameron Reynolds
  • TaG 125 Restricted – Anthony Warner, Neville Crump, Daniel Clemente
  • TaG 125 Restricted B – Brad Dines, James MacDonald, Brett North
  • Leopard Pro – Timothy Holowell, Jordan Nicolaou, Harley Benson
  • Junior Clubman – Anton De Pasquale, Luke Marquis, Kyle Rethus
  • Rookies – Thomas Prascevic, Jarrod Dwyer, Luke Guillou
  • Clubman Light – Jordan Nicolaou, Mitchell Wilmot, Steven Gawne
  • Clubman Super Heavy – Shane Wharton, Scott Ferguson, Andrew Hayes

March Club Day Pre-entries Now Open

Online pre-entries are now open for March club day. This club race event will be held on Saturday March 26. If you are racing at this event, please take a minute to pre-enter. This helps speed up the entry taking process on race day and allows racing to begin earlier.

For those who enjoy racing under lights, come along and have a go. Remember to bring your clear visors as once the track lights get switched on, only clear visors are allowed to be used.

Vale – Carey Stapleton

On the 13th of March 2011, a past member of the Oakleigh Go Kart Racing Club, Carey Stapleton passed away.

Carey raced with myself and a few of the senior members that are still at the club. He raced in Clubman Heavy, then moved to Rotax Over 40 at the Go-Kart Club Of Victoria. He was a fierce competitor that made racing him a challenge, and when you finished in front of him you knew you had earned it.

On a personal note I would like to say that he will be missed by us that knew him well.

Rest in peace Carey.

Adam Bourke.

The committee and members from the Oakleigh Go Kart Racing Club wish to pass on our most sincere condolences to Carey’s family and friends on this most solemn occasion, and will always remember him as a fellow member of our club.

OGKRC Drivers Win 4 Vic Open Titles

OGKRC drivers have once again shown their skill and race-craft by winning state open title blue plates in 4 classes at this weekends Victorian Open Championship, held at Go-Kart Club Of Victoria.

The club wishes to congratulate the following drivers for their wins.

David Sera (Rotax Light) – Rotax Light was won in convincing style by David Sera, who is also the current National Champion in this class.

David Sera (Leopard Light) – After taking the lead in the early laps, David Sera drove away from his competitors to continue his winning ways after taking the Rotax Light championship title earlier in the day.

Liam McLellan (Junior National Light) – The top four drivers in Junior National Light battled long and hard and often swapped places, but McLellan held off the opposition and took the chequered flag by just 0.006.

James Sera (Clubman Light) – James Sera led the early laps of the final, and then the rain came. Numerous competitors were unable to cope with the wet conditions, causing them to spin off. There were several lead changed between James Sera and David Sera, but at the flag, James Sera held on for the win.

Results 2011 Victorian Open Championship

Results of the 2011 Victorian Open Championship held at Go-Kart Club Of Victoria, VIC.

Full results have been posted on the AKA Results Site.

Also, read the race report on

  • Clubman Super Heavy – Ben McKinlay, Scott Simpson, Nathan van Hulst, Scott Ferguson, Shane Wharton
  • Junior Clubman – Joseph Mawson, Liam Morey, Anthony Martin, Todd Hazelwood, James Hughes
  • Clubman Heavy – Brendan Nelson, Matthew Wall, Glenn Riddell, Richard Muscat, Remo Luciani
  • Midgets – Jordan Caruso, Thomas Bennett, Chase Wooley, Dylan Hollis, Brock Kenny
  • Rotax Light – David Sera, Luke Rochford, Brad Jenner, Josh De Maio, Michael Robson
  • Junior Max – Joseph Mawson, Liam Morey, Pierce Lehane, Michael Stewart, Matthew McLellan
  • Clubman Over 40 – Remo Luciani, Christopher Sanderson, Phillip Smith, John Pringle, Leon Forrest
  • Senior National Heavy – Nicholas Ellen, Glenn Riddell, Brett Dillon, Todd Stevens, Jarryd Ebzery
  • Leopard Light – David Sera, James Sera, Scott Kissock, Adam Willison, Richard Muscat
  • Junior National Heavy – Anton de Pasquale, Todd Hazelwood, Matthew McLellan, Nicholas Rowe, Luke Walker
  • Leopard Heavy – Matthew Wall, Lee Mitchener, Michael Griffiths, Shane Price, Daniel Stein
  • Rookies – Reece Sidebottom, Thomas Schou, Nikola Mitic, Jayden Ojeda, Cody Gillis
  • Rotax Heavy – Brendan Nelson, Paul Rodgers, Zeke Edwards, Rick Pringle, Ben McKinlay
  • Senior National Light – Nicholas Ellen, Jarryd Ebzery, Luke Caputo, Darsey Kondopirakis, Thomas Allen
  • Junior National Light – Liam McLellan, James Golding, Jake Klein, Luke Marquis, William Hawkes
  • Clubman Light – James Sera, David Sera, Mitchell Wilmot, Jordan Nicolaou, Cian Fothergill